Since 2006 specialised in IT Recruitment

Fahr-Becker is specialised in IT Recruitment. Since Fahr-Becker was founded in 2006 our focus has been on the recruitment and selection of IT professionals. As a result, we have built a strong network of IT specialists within the entire spectrum of IT disciplines. For positions in IT, Fahr-Becker provides the perfect

Fahr-Becker mediates between employers and professionals, such as IT analysts, IT architects, BI specialists, DBA specialists, ERP/CRM/ECM specialists, software developers, software testers, software engineers, IT specialists for industrial automation, infrastructure architects and engineers, network specialists, project managers, IT managers but also sales and marketing specialists.

Strong employee-employer relationships

We feel that a truly good match between candidate and employer should result in a long-lasting working relationship between the two parties. That’s why at Fahr-Becker we are very interested in the reasons and motives of both the candidate and the employer.
We therefore go to great lengths to try to understand both parties. To this end, we use our specialised recruitment consultants, who generally have a degree in psychology. Furthermore, we use the tried and tested Career Values Assessment method. With this we analyse whether the candidate’s personal motives are in sync with the type of work, career values and the employer’s work environment. In this way we determine whether they are a good match.

The combination of our years of specialisation in the recruitment of IT professionals and our psychological selection method has resulted in hundreds of satisfied and usually long-term collaborations between employers and IT specialists.

Crystal-clear collaboration agreements

At Fahr-Becker we only set to work once we have a clear request for the recruitment and selection of an IT specialist, from both the candidate and the employer. So no empty promises, but clear agreements regarding the position we are looking to fill. When doing so we handle the details and information supplied by the candidate and the employer with the utmost of confidentiality.

Pleasant collaboration

A pleasant working relationship between the candidate and the employer is our number one priority. At Fahr-Becker we ensure this in a congenial, welcoming, service-oriented and accessible manner.