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Why choose Fahr‑Becker Recruitment Consultancy?

Fahr-Becker is specialised in IT Recruitment. Since Fahr-Becker was founded in 2006 our focus has been on the recruitment and selection of IT professionals. As a result, we have built a strong network of IT specialists within the entire spectrum of IT disciplines. For positions in IT, Fahr-Becker provides the perfect match!

Our working method

We aim for ‘the perfect match’ between candidate and employer. In order to realise this we use a special, meticulous working method which is different from what candidates and employers are used to.

Mission and Vision

Information and communication technology is driven by people’s constant desire to innovate and develop. We want to ensure that the best people and their specialisations are always available at the right time, so that this innovation and development can continue without interruption.


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Maurice van der Wal
Jasper van den Bergh
Stefan van Straten
Ilker Yilmaz
Ian van Ewijck
Robbin van Rooij
Levirgio Bossers
Stijn van Doornum
Eva van Dulken
Stijn van Dulken
Fred van Dulken