Candidate as well as employer central

We aim for ‘the perfect match’ between candidate and employer. In order to realise this we use a special, meticulous working method which is different from what candidates and employers are used to.

  • It starts by making it clear what exactly the wishes of the candidate and the employer are. We do this using the usual job profiles, CVs and motivations. As per standard this information is clear and complete, as may be expected from a good recruiter. What Fahr-Becker offers as extra is the extensive clarification and background information. It gives both parties the necessary understanding of the assessment of that ‘standard’ information.
  • This is followed by a more detailed examination. In particular we consider the motivation of both the candidate and the employer very important. In order to understand this well and to make it clear, we use a psychological approach. We offer both parties a thorough understanding of what exactly they can expect from one another. To this end an in-depth interview is conducted by one of our psychologists. In addition, a supporting assessment is carried out.
  • For as far as possible the mutual references are set down and shared.
  • Lastly, we pay a great deal of attention to what, from the perspective of both parties, the result of such a collaboration should be, in both the short and the long term.

Guidance, advice and support

During the entire selection process Fahr-Becker naturally acts as adviser to both parties. Here, too, our psychological approach has major benefits. We are ideally suited to empathise fully in talks and in any situation that may arise. And if desired, we will support you with advice and support.


At the end we like to reflect together with the candidate and the employer and evaluate the experiences. This creates trust in the correctness of the decision taken, whilst we can continue to work on improving our services.

Clear portfolio

The result of this meticulous approach is documented in a clear portfolio, which is shared with both the candidate and the employer before they meet each other. In this way, both parties receive extensive information about one another, thereby providing a good basis for a constructive meeting. In our experience it is not only the resulting portfolio that is illuminating. It is by going through the process that both parties are given many answers and insights, which are necessary for a well-considered decision.