Insight, skills and qualities

Assessments_1000pxThe aim of assessments is to identify a person’s competencies. By competencies our psychologists mean insight, skills and qualities. Is a candidate able to remain diplomatic in difficult situations? How intelligent is someone? How good is he at conducting commercial meetings? Is he meticulous? How much self-knowledge does he possess? Assessments, moreover, are not only used for the selection of candidates. Fahr-Becker also offers development assessments, to see whether employees are suitable for a higher position, and uses potential assessments to find out how promising starters can best develop and identify their specific talents.

Getting more out of your investment

Thanks to this approach the client gets more out of the investment in assessments.
These tests are also used in outplacement projects. The type of behavior that delivers successful results depends in part on the organisation and the environment. The culture and management style, for example, have an effect, but environmental factors such as changing markets also have consequences for the desired behaviour. At Fahr-Becker we expressly incorporate this context of our clients in our advice. Afterwards we always evaluate the quality of the advice with the client. Thanks to this approach the client gets more out of the investment in assessments.

Development assessment

Development assessments clearly identify the employee’s potential and how this potential can be developed. Depending on the level of the position, the specific tasks, the client’s needs, a particular programme can be chosen.

Fahr-Becker uses the following Development Assessments:

A 360 degree feedback test

This is a method for receiving competency-oriented feedback in a structured manner. The 360 degrees encompasses the circle of people from someone’s environment who can observe at first hand his or her performance, for example colleagues, customers, management, etc. This test allows for the monitoring of the development points, which after some time come to the fore from the assessment.

Fahr-Becker uses the following 360 Degree Feedback Assessment;

360 Degree Feedback Assessment

A development meeting

After the development assessment a development meeting can be arranged if desired. The significance of the test results can be discussed, whereby the finer details can be examined with the participant together with a manager, human resources manager or career adviser. The test can also be carried out as part of career counselling.


A coaching programme

Using the development points as referred to in the assessment report the participant can make an immediate start in a coaching programme.

Working method

Our working method is always personal, with respect and attention for the individual and always aimed at our client’s specific requirements. Fahr-Becker offers a wide range of assessment programmes. Of course we work according to the NIP code. This means, for example, that;

  • you can have the assessments carried out at our offices as well as your own
  • you can participate in the assessments yourself
  • you will always be assisted by a personal adviser
  • you will receive high-quality, succinct and concisely formulated reports, tailored to your situation
  • you know that we will always, in accordance with the NIP code, ask the participant’s permission to produce the report
  • you can personally influence the duration of the assessments
  • you also receive feedback regarding how the participants experienced the assessment


An assessment is not a goal in itself. It is, however, a starting point for development. There are therefore various options available for syncing the results to the actual situation either beforehand or afterwards. The results of an assessment, therefore, can for example be subject to a follow-up in the form of a 360 degrees feedback test, a development meeting or coaching programme. This way the development of the participant can be facilitated.

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